Looking to record offsite talent or patch in a director/client from another location? No problem.

VO2 Mix’s digital patch and ISDN patch system allows us to connect to virtually anywhere in the world to record. Talent lives in LA or Montreal? We’ve got you covered — we’ll patch them in and it’s just like they are on our studio floor. Need to pick up some ADR or voice over by an actor on a set in Europe, just let us know their location and availability we’ll set it up. It’s that easy.

For ISDN patch we use a Telos Zypher system. Its the industry’s most common ISDN system and allows us to be compatible with the widest range of audio codecs from other manufacturers the world over.

Dial up #’s are:
SPID A – 416 603 – 7561
SPID B – 416 603 – 6083

We also offer traditional phone patch services for those situations where the client doesn’t have reliable web access. This allows a producer, director or your client to listen in and participate in a session easily — all they need is a phone.