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FPAC – Animals

Client - Forest Products Association of Canada
Agency - Axmith McIntyre Wicht

PSE Savings

Client - Government of Canada
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Bad Document Day

Client - UPS
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood


Client - H&R Block
Agency - Due North Communications

Super Lustrous – Eva Mendes

Client - Revlon
Agency - PHD Canada

Man Tracker

Bonterra Productions - Gemini Award Winner & Nominie Best Sounds - OLN, City TV, Extreme Sports Channel UK



BlackBerry – Enterprise

Client - BlackBerry
Agency - 3AM Design

Property Virgins

CineFlix - HGTV 9Canada), HGTV (US)

The Stoned Ages

Summerhill Entertainment - History Channel Special Presentation


Gun Dog Films - Premiered at Palm Springs Short Film Festival


Client - H&R Block
Agency - Due North Communications


Client - Choice Hotels
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood


Client - Coffee Style
Agency - Bullet / Brand Works

Test Flight

Client - BMW / Mini Cooper Canada
Agency - Taxi

Motives and Murders

CineFlix - Investigation Discovery (US) and Canal D (Canada), OWN Canada


Client - Ideaca
Agency - Real Images Canada

Silent “P” Fridays

Client - Phaff Audi
Agency - Doner

The Musical Brain

Matter of Fact Media - GEMINI Award Winner - Best Sound - CTV (Canada), National Geographic Channel Internationaly - With appearences by Sting, Feist, Michael Buble, Wyclef Jean

On Record – The Sound Track Of Our Lives

Wildheat Entertainment - PBS


Client - Brewers Retail Association
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Mighty Machines

9 Storey Entertainment- Family Channel, TVO, TFO, Treehouse, Knowledge, Access and SCN


Floyd County Productions

But I’m Chris Jericho

Insight Productions, Shaw Media, Youtube

Road Trip

Client - Rogers Canada
Agency - Publicis

Maple Leaf Prime

Client - Maple Leaf Foods
Agency - Zig

Go the Distance

Client - Labatt Breweries
Agency - AWM / Agency 59

Treasure Trader

Cream Productions - History

Chico’s Metal

Client - Ontario Science Centre
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Peg + Cat

9 Story Entertainment
PBS Kids

Esther Extraordinaire

Cream Productions, HGTV


Client - Almay
Agency - PHD Canada

Rise of a Chompion

Client - JustEat.CA / Married to Giants

You Gotta Eat Here

Lone Eagle Entertainment - Canadian Screen Award Winner - Food Network (Canada), BIO (US)

Fast Frame

Client - Verde
Agency - 3AM Design

Salvage Hunters

Discovery Networks (International & UK)
Discovery Channel (Canada)
Historia (Canada)

Golden Gays

Cream Production, Slice, TVTropolis

Santa Wears Brown

Client - UPS
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood

True and The Rainbow Kingdom


Dear Father

Client - Shoe Company Canada
Agency - Taxi


Client - Coffee Style
Agency - Bullet / Brand Works

SAP – Real Time Data

Client - SAP
Agency - 3AM Design

BlackBerry – Niagara

Client - BlackBerry
Agency - BlackBerry / 3AM Design

Cache Craze

9 Story Entertainment - YTV

UFOs Declassified

Company X Studios
Smithsonian Channel
History Canada


Client - Maple Leaf Foods
Agency - Zig

Cold Blood

CineFlix, History (CA), Canal D (CA), Investigation Discovery (US), Discovery (Europe & International), and Channel 5 (UK)

Have a Ball

Client - Ontario Tourism
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Time Warner Cable

Client - Time Warner / Planet Reels

Lincoln MKZ

Client - Lincoln
Agency - Mowad Productions

ReMax Realtors

Client - ReMax
Agency - Stealing Time

Air Aces

CineFlix, History (CA), Discovery Military (US), Channel 5 (UK)

Sex After Kids

Crying Man Productions- Various festivals including Santa Barbara, Whistler, BendFilm And Calagary International Film festival, more info at

Children’s Tylenol

Client - Tylenol
Agency - Mowad Productions

Making Stuff

9 Storey Entertainment - TVO Kids, TFO, Knowledge Network

Sun Dogs

Palm Picture, Jimmy Buffet - Festivals the World Over, Netflix US

Little Theatres

Fork Studio - Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and has been in several film and animation festivals the world over. More info @

Surviving Evil

Cineflix - Investigation Discovery (US) and TVA for Addik TV (Canada)


Client - The Racing Network
Agency - Leo Burnett

40 Plus

Client - Brewers Retail Association
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Sounds Like A Revolution

Dealtime Productions - Multi-award winning film - Including best Doc. Rain Dance Film festival. More info @

Wipeout Canada

Lone Eagle Entertainment, Shaw, TVTropolis

Driving Test

Client - Arby's Canada
Agency - Doner

Delivery Room

Client - Arby's Canada
Agency - Doner

Canada’s Smartest Person

Media Headquarters

Flipping Virgins

HGTV (Canada)

Configure Consulting

Client- Configure Consulting
Agency - 3AM design

Dealer Dad

Client - Ontario Toyota Dealers
Agency - Gee Jeffery & Partners

UofT Press

Client - University Of Toronto
Agency - Real Images Canada

Shark Tribe

Creative Differences - Discover HD - Shark Week Special Presentation - Hosted by Dave Salmoni

American Lawmen

American Heroes Channel (US)

Sin City ER

Discovery Life (US)

Midnight Movies

Starz Entertainment, Movie Central, Official Selection Cannes Film Festivals

Friends Night Animation

Friends Night Animation

Time Warp

Creative Differences - Discovery HD

Beast Legends

YAP Films, US SyFy Channel, History Channel, BBC

Carlawood – Starring Carla Collins

Lone Eagle Entertainment, TVtropolis

Vivid Prints

Client - Blacks Canada
Agency - Taxi Canada

Nowhere To Hide

Investigation Discovery (US)

Rogers Communications

Client - Rogers Communications
Agency - Publicis / Vapor Music

Last Illusion

Gun Dog Films - Staring Norman Jewison & David Ben