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Salvage Hunters

Discovery Networks (International & UK)
Discovery Channel (Canada)
Historia (Canada)

American Lawmen

American Heroes Channel (US)

Midnight Movies

Starz Entertainment, Movie Central, Official Selection Cannes Film Festivals

You Gotta Eat Here

Lone Eagle Entertainment - Canadian Screen Award Winner - Food Network (Canada), BIO (US)

Man Tracker

Bonterra Productions - Gemini Award Winner & Nominie Best Sounds - OLN, City TV, Extreme Sports Channel UK

Super Lustrous – Eva Mendes

Client - Revlon
Agency - PHD Canada

Beast Legends

YAP Films, US SyFy Channel, History Channel, BBC

Motives and Murders

CineFlix - Investigation Discovery (US) and Canal D (Canada), OWN Canada

Little Theatres

Fork Studio - Premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and has been in several film and animation festivals the world over. More info @

Cache Craze

9 Story Entertainment - YTV

Treasure Trader

Cream Productions - History

Silent “P” Fridays

Client - Phaff Audi
Agency - Doner

Road Trip

Client - Rogers Canada
Agency - Publicis


Client - H&R Block
Agency - Due North Communications

Sounds Like A Revolution

Dealtime Productions - Multi-award winning film - Including best Doc. Rain Dance Film festival. More info @

Sex After Kids

Crying Man Productions- Various festivals including Santa Barbara, Whistler, BendFilm And Calagary International Film festival, more info at

Sin City ER

Discovery Life (US)

Have a Ball

Client - Ontario Tourism
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Sun Dogs

Palm Picture, Jimmy Buffet - Festivals the World Over, Netflix US

Rise of a Chompion

Client - JustEat.CA / Married to Giants

Golden Gays

Cream Production, Slice, TVTropolis

Time Warp

Creative Differences - Discovery HD

UFOs Declassified

Company X Studios
Smithsonian Channel
History Canada

Last Illusion

Gun Dog Films - Staring Norman Jewison & David Ben

Friends Night Animation

Friends Night Animation

Mighty Machines

9 Storey Entertainment- Family Channel, TVO, TFO, Treehouse, Knowledge, Access and SCN

Carlawood – Starring Carla Collins

Lone Eagle Entertainment, TVtropolis

Fast Frame

Client - Verde
Agency - 3AM Design

FPAC – Animals

Client - Forest Products Association of Canada
Agency - Axmith McIntyre Wicht

True and The Rainbow Kingdom


PSE Savings

Client - Government of Canada
Agency - AMW / Agency 59


Client - Maple Leaf Foods
Agency - Zig

Surviving Evil

Cineflix - Investigation Discovery (US) and TVA for Addik TV (Canada)

Shark Tribe

Creative Differences - Discover HD - Shark Week Special Presentation - Hosted by Dave Salmoni


Client - Ideaca
Agency - Real Images Canada

But I’m Chris Jericho

Insight Productions, Shaw Media, Youtube

Children’s Tylenol

Client - Tylenol
Agency - Mowad Productions


Client - Coffee Style
Agency - Bullet / Brand Works

Bad Document Day

Client - UPS
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood


Client - Choice Hotels
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood



Santa Wears Brown

Client - UPS
Agency - Mackinnon Calderwood


Client - Coffee Style
Agency - Bullet / Brand Works

Maple Leaf Prime

Client - Maple Leaf Foods
Agency - Zig

Peg + Cat

9 Story Entertainment
PBS Kids

Test Flight

Client - BMW / Mini Cooper Canada
Agency - Taxi

Esther Extraordinaire

Cream Productions, HGTV

Rogers Communications

Client - Rogers Communications
Agency - Publicis / Vapor Music


Client - Almay
Agency - PHD Canada

SAP – Real Time Data

Client - SAP
Agency - 3AM Design


Client - Brewers Retail Association
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

Cold Blood

CineFlix, History (CA), Canal D (CA), Investigation Discovery (US), Discovery (Europe & International), and Channel 5 (UK)


Client - The Racing Network
Agency - Leo Burnett

Vivid Prints

Client - Blacks Canada
Agency - Taxi Canada

Time Warner Cable

Client - Time Warner / Planet Reels

Nowhere To Hide

Investigation Discovery (US)

Flipping Virgins

HGTV (Canada)

40 Plus

Client - Brewers Retail Association
Agency - AMW / Agency 59


Floyd County Productions

Delivery Room

Client - Arby's Canada
Agency - Doner

Dealer Dad

Client - Ontario Toyota Dealers
Agency - Gee Jeffery & Partners

Making Stuff

9 Storey Entertainment - TVO Kids, TFO, Knowledge Network

Driving Test

Client - Arby's Canada
Agency - Doner

BlackBerry – Enterprise

Client - BlackBerry
Agency - 3AM Design

On Record – The Sound Track Of Our Lives

Wildheat Entertainment - PBS

Wipeout Canada

Lone Eagle Entertainment, Shaw, TVTropolis

Property Virgins

CineFlix - HGTV 9Canada), HGTV (US)

The Stoned Ages

Summerhill Entertainment - History Channel Special Presentation

Dear Father

Client - Shoe Company Canada
Agency - Taxi


Gun Dog Films - Premiered at Palm Springs Short Film Festival


Client - H&R Block
Agency - Due North Communications

Canada’s Smartest Person

Media Headquarters

Chico’s Metal

Client - Ontario Science Centre
Agency - AMW / Agency 59

UofT Press

Client - University Of Toronto
Agency - Real Images Canada

Configure Consulting

Client- Configure Consulting
Agency - 3AM design

The Musical Brain

Matter of Fact Media - GEMINI Award Winner - Best Sound - CTV (Canada), National Geographic Channel Internationaly - With appearences by Sting, Feist, Michael Buble, Wyclef Jean

BlackBerry – Niagara

Client - BlackBerry
Agency - BlackBerry / 3AM Design

Air Aces

CineFlix, History (CA), Discovery Military (US), Channel 5 (UK)

ReMax Realtors

Client - ReMax
Agency - Stealing Time

Lincoln MKZ

Client - Lincoln
Agency - Mowad Productions

Go the Distance

Client - Labatt Breweries
Agency - AWM / Agency 59