About Us

At VO2 Mix we do things differently.

Since 1999 VO2 Mix Audio Post has been working hand in hand with top production companies and advertisers. Crafting award winning audio is our passion and by providing specialized audio teams tailored to suit every project and budget we help our clients stand out from the crowd and get the recognition, and awards, they deserve.

Advertising & Corporate Clients

In todays ever changing advertising media landscape VO2 Mix works directly with in house marketing departments and top advertising agencies the world over. Embracing new mediums and collaborating with clients every step of the way to find that perfect voice and sound track that will hit home with your target audience and get noticed. From corporate communications to product launches and national campaigns our team will help craft effective messaging that ensures our clients rise above the static and get heard.

TV & Film Clients

Television and film clients love us because we get it. We understand deadlines and know that last min script changes, shot swaps, animation revisions and timing adjustment are all part of the process. They ensure the project looks like you want on screen and our customized sound teams make sure it sound that way too. Bringing animation to life, making that troublesome location audio usable and stylizing the sound to deliver your vision. We want people leaving a screening saying that was incredible just as much as you do.

Oh, and delivering multiple versions for different stations in the UK, Canada and US plus a seamless version for international sale, no problem we’ve got you covered and through all this we will keep you on time and on budget, because we get it.